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Couples Therapy: 

Improving Fraud and Marketing Collaboration

The work of marketing and fraud teams is inherently intertwined. Marketing teams are responsible for bringing revenue in, and fraud teams must protect that revenue.
However, the road to collaboration isn’t always smooth. 

This webinar brings together both teams for a rare exploration into their relationship.

Gain insights from industry professionals, including how to:

- Get on the same page at the right time

- Implement efficient collaboration workflows

- Share KPIs for synched success

About Identiq

Identiq is a private network for identity validation that empowers companies to safely collaborate with each other in order to validate trusted customers – without sharing any sensitive customer data or identifiable information.

Our peer-to-peer technology helps some of the world's largest companies to identify good customers, fight fraud, and offer better experiences throughout the digital journey.

Meet the Speakers

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You'll have strategies that foster effective teamwork and communication, even when department goals might conflict. 

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Marketing Growth Manager

Gina Leitterman

Senior Manager of Fraud & Risk

Lainey Dyer

VP of Marketing

Pola Zen