How Providerless Technology is
Changing Online Identity Validation

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Providerless tech is changing the way we think about fraud and identity online.

In this ebook, leading experts discuss:

  • How providerless technology is making it easy for companies to recognize good users - even when they see them for the first time.
  • How providerless technologies are game-changing for increasing accuracy and improving customer experience.
  • Why easily validating credit cards, other payment methods and similarly sensitive data is finally on the horizon.
  • The view of industry experts including Cameron D’Ambrosi, Mélisande Mual, Raphael Lawson, Noam Naveh and Karisse Hendrick.

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Includes articles by industry leaders and legends:

Identiq is a peer-to-peer identity verification network that allows its members, including some of the world's largest consumer-facing companies, to validate new users without sharing any sensitive customer data or identifiable information whatsoever.

By taking third-party data providers out of the equation, companies can leverage the consensus of other network members, delivering a seamless onboarding experience to known trusted users while keeping out bad actors.Recognized by Gartner™ as a Cool Vendor for Privacy in 2020, Identiq sets a new standard for end-user privacy while reducing false positives, increasing approval rates and creating a better user experience.