The Private Network for Identity Validation

Identiq is a private network for identity validation that empowers companies to safely collaborate with each other in order to validate trusted customers–without sharing any sensitive customer data or identifiable information.
Asa Zaidman

Risk & Compliance

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Our peer-to-peer technology helps some of the world's largest companies to identify good customers, fight fraud, and offer better experiences throughout the digital journey.  

Our goal is to offer streamlined experiences with higher approvals and less friction for our customers and we are excited to be part of the Identiq network to achieve that. 



Mitigating Marketplace Risk
The Gig Economy Of Fraud

Mules are nothing new, but the gig economy of fraud has taken the system of “fraudsters’ little helpers” to a whole new level. In this webinar, a panel of industry experts including Wag Labs Inc.'s Ronnie Gammage, Upwork’s Director of Trust & Safety Operations Caitlyn McNerney, Fiverr’s Payments Risk Analyst Daniel Barak and Identiq’s VP Product Uri Arad discuss the impact that the gig economy of fraud has had on marketplaces and their users, how the subtle signs of this activity can be spotted, and what to do about it.

Reduce false positives and directly impact top and bottom lines

Approve more accounts and transactions while reducing risk or liability

Offer frictionless experiences to valuable customers


  • Educate. Fraud, Risk and Trust & Safety teams can’t solely be focused on finding bad actors; it needs to involve education of the good users as well.
  • Entire lifecycle. Focusing identification and mitigation efforts at onboarding is not enough, it’s crucial to protect the entire lifecycle.
  • Cross-channel activity. Being aware of cross-channel activity is absolutely essential, as is monitoring relevant social media and forums.
  • Collaborate. Draw on the knowledge of fraud fighters and Trust & Safety pros in other marketplaces to collaborate and combat the threat.